Goodbye Parkham Street Studio

I was very sad to leave my studio in battersea. It was an old school converted into studio spaces run by an organisation called ACAVA. I was in an old science lab that had been partitioned into 3 separate studio spaces.

It housed many artists, designers and creatives until we all had to leave at the end of august 2013 so they could tear the building down and build a new school.

– here are some photos of my time there, both full and messy, empty and sad.


IMG_0344 copy

IMG_0345 copy


IMG_0352 copy



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Social Media Savvy

I am ready to utilise the power of social media.

I now have a twitter account  @TraceyTubb . I’m loving twitter so far, I can’t believe its taken me so long to jump on the bandwagon.

I’ve also got a pinterest account which I love even more.

check them both out sing the links bellow

This utilising social media also means I’m going to get blogging, starting now . . .

My new website is all up and running now too, thanks to my brilliant brother. check it out –

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Happy Valentine’s Day x







Love is definitely in the air . . . 

I’ve  recently moved into my new studio space and I LOVE IT!

I’m unpacked, settled in and starting new work.

I’ll keep you posted x 


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I’m off to Milan furniture fair tomorrow!

I am one of 84 students selected to represent the Royal College of Art, I will be exhibiting one of my new wallpaper designs capitalising on my rekindled love for drawing and inspired by the victorian age of invention . . .

Please take a look at our website where you can find out more about all the amazing exhibits<a href=””&gt;Image

“Another Icarus”

The eccentric Victorian inventor reaching new heights, journeying into the unknown. Flying through a shifting sky of drawn lines and abstract shapes. Inspired by Daedalus’ craftsmanship and Icarus’ over-ambition and curiosity, the optimistic new artisans of the nineteenth century dare to succeed where others have failed. Capturing the spirit of adventure by exploring radical forward thinking ideas that push what is possible; imagining with no boundaries, discovering something new.

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Handmade at The Custard Factory

I had the pleasure of being part of the Handmade crafts market held at Creative Open Workshops in The Custard Factory. It was such a great experience for me as I have never made things to sell before, I managed to teach myself very quickly how to make notebooks, cards and jewelery.

Despite the horrible weather the day went very well, I met some lovely people including the other very talented stall holders. I’m definately planning to take part in this and other markets in the future . . . watch this space x

Creative Open Workshops

Helen Woodward

Jenny Wilkinson

Said Label

Handmade by Tigerlily

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Festival of Quilts

I was lucky enough to exhibit as part of the graduate show case at the Festival of Quilts at the NEC. I want to say thank you to everyone who visited my stand, I meet some lovely, friendly inspiring people and I hope you all stay in touch and keep visiting my blog.

I was surprised at the response to my work, as it is mainly paper I thought I would be met with skepticism but instead people were intrigued and amazed by what I’d created. I was glad people could see the link between my work and quilting, through the geometry, tessellations and shapes and patterns I create.

It was great to meet the other extremely talented graduates that were part of the showcase, and who also kept me sane when the day seemed too long ,

Fiona Wilson (print and embroidery) –

Liz Turton (knitted and woven textiles)

Naomi Cotrufo (embroidery) –

Helen Smith

As I don’t live far from the NEC I had alot of help from my family and my best mate Jess, so a big thank you to all the Tubbs and Miss Lewis, I couldnt have done it with out your help and it wouldn’t have been half as fun.

(having a tall brother was very handy, cheers bro x)

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Folded and Stitched

TraceyTubb-6 TraceyTubb-7 TraceyTubb-8

These wallpapers I designed to be more interactive and sculptural. The smaller pieces of paper that have been stitched on can be folded and unfolded in thousands of different combinations, this creates different patterns and textures all from the same wallpaper.
The pictures below show just some of the different patterns I created from this one wallpaper.





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Folded and Framed



These are some smaller scale folded pieces using the same origami technique using only one sheet of paper.

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Folded Wallpaper



These are some photos of my hand folded wallpapers.  These designs have been folded from a single length of paper, they take a long time to create as i fold it all by hand, but I love making them and exploring the endless possibilities.


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